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About Us


EXOS is a leading provider of international reinsurance services. Our vision is to prevail the world through a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, where client choice and gratification are at the core. At the forefront of this adjustment is an agile and dynamic organization that delivers significance by leveraging nonpareil skillsets across all lines of business; global coverage capabilities; personalized service; and a global footprint.

Our Specialty

Our primary intention is to become and remain a harbinger in the reinsurance market through the establishment of an efficacious alliance with both clients and insurance companies and providers, which is based on reciprocated trust. Our team works hard to provide extensive support and expertise to our prevailing and neoteric clients, providing a high level of service gratification at all times.

The Future of Tech-Design

Our Reinsurance Lines

EXOS is a dedicated reinsurance brokerage providing holistic solutions where we deem our clients’ exigencies are of prime significance. We are fabricating solutions to bolster their clients to become more resilient in the face of economic, technological and societal change. Our forte is our competence to innovate in all aspects of reinsurance. We are devoted to continuously enlarge our proficiency and prowess, thereby aiding clients leverage paramount prospects. In addition, our robust financial footing permits us to propound pioneering products and technologies with great confidence to mitigate risks that could otherwise threaten your business.

Our Partners


Building an uncompromised level of service is our aspiration, in order to provide our clients with the unsurpassed reinsurance solutions. Our business model is built on a partnership relation, where we help to make business more profitable for our clients.

Quality Assured

We ensure that the services we propose are of top quality by using modern technology, which assists us to accomplish uncompromised levels of service.

Our team consists of a well-educated and highly trained passionate workforce that is keen to serve top caliber clients from different industries. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to prepare distinguished procedures. Our course of action is to put our clients first, we additionally put their trust at precedence where they are treated with utmost integrity.